Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ah laziness...

I have a few posts saved elsewhere and I suppose it'd be okay if I finally got around to posting them here. So...

I wrote the following yesterday, sometime.


I am currently writing a rough working draft of a Burkean Parlor piece. I’m writing about witches and their sometimes roles as doctors [um, yeah, or not]. I cannot shake the lyrics, “I told the witch doctor I was in love with you” from my head. And, when I hear this sung in my head, it is always being performed by the Chipmunks.

Oh, and the other day, I heard “Bad to the Bone” on the radio. This also always immediately makes me think of the Chipmunks. Is this true for anyone else? Does anyone else associate these songs with the strange, talking, long-sweater-wearing animated chipmunks?

Do you all have any other weird song associations?

Ooo, I have another one. “Turkey in the Straw.” I’d only heard that for the first time with Pic was pre-one-year-old. In a seminar one night, we were discussing the list of “What every literate American should know” and “Turkey in the Straw” was included. I pointed it out and my teacher started singing it. I will forever think of him, in his neat sweater-vest and button-down shirt, breaking into twangy song when I hear this.


Coach J said...

I also can only think of the Chipmunks when I hear "Witch Doctor" or Bad to the Bone. Another one is "Wooly Bully." Remember the Chipmunks movie? The old animated one where they travel the world in hot air balloons? Ah, the good ol' days.