Tuesday, October 7, 2008

blog sprint

Just a quickie here. (I suddenly thought, "Just a pinch between the cheek and gum." Don't ask.)

Okay, so the first night of TurboKick has come and gone. It might kill me, but in a good way. However, like anything else that requires coordination, I have to call out the moves to myself. Aloud, not just in my head. Yes, I'm a total geek. I was the same way with flags in high school. Tonight, my running commentary went something like, "Left, right, left, punch. Left, right left, punch. Left, right, left, crap." So, no, my coordination skills didn't suddenly appear overnight. Ah, well. And, like Ms C pointed out, it's easier on one side than the other (I think it's the right for both of us.) I get into a groove and then we switch sides and I suddenly can't equate "Left, right, left, right" with sides of my body.

Overall, a freaking good workout. I remember why I quit the first time I tried kickboxing, though, and I'm glad this class is small (not 30+ people). This is only for a month and I have Cardo and Ms C with me. (And, of course, there's Ms J and her sister, Ms M.) For whatever reason, it makes me feel better that there are two other people in there who I don't know, also. If I don't collapse from lack of breathing or because my muscles have suddenly mutinied, I'll consider taking it again. After about three months or so, I should have the routine somewhat down.

Okay, I'm off to read about profiles, watch the debate (only twenty-eight days until the election), eat dinner and down gallons and gallons more tea.


Coach J said...

You did awesome last night. I heard mumbling back there, and I thought you were counting or something, but I think saying the moves to yourself is helpful. Just wait until you incorporate clapping and yelling and stuff. Then it gets really fun!