Friday, October 24, 2008

and it goes on and on and on and on...

...sing it people. Don't stop believin'...I've more food pictures to post. Okay, enough of that total nonsense.

This was a Mamma and Pic dinner while Papi was at work one night. Bean and cheese burritos that I made (put together and heated) and left in a hot skillet for a bit to get that crunch. Trader Joe's canned corn and water finished it out. Simple, but we liked it.

This was this Monday night's dinner for me. Grilled cheese, minus the butter, with thick slices of tomato. I also ate some of that watermelon after Cardo cut it up. (Mmm. Watermelon sounds good right now.)

We took a trip to Apple Hill Saturday, and this is one of the pies we bought. This one is pecan-crunch apple pie. Regular apple pie with crushed pecans on top. It's good. (We also got a whole wheat and honey apple pie. That one is still in the freezer. We haven't eaten any pie since Tuesday night, but it's calling me.)