Tuesday, October 28, 2008

another moment of genius!

Okay, so this time, as others, genius means something more like "ability to read and successfully follow instructions."

So, I've signed up for November's NaBloPoMo and I've added a little badge over there on the right. I hope to soon see this here blog on the list, but I just signed up and I don't know if I get some kind of confirmation e-mail or what.

I'm a bit nervous about making this commitment, because I'm afraid that I won't post every day. (Already with the negative thinking, I know.) I have another commitment for next month that is, in the grand scheme of my not-so-grand life, a bit more important, but NaBloPoMo should be much more fun.


The Furie Queene said...

Hey, I still don't see you on the blog list. Mine is listed. It's under "Logge of the Furie Queene". Maybe yours is not under "stagno per anitre"?