Wednesday, October 15, 2008

can *you* handle the truth?

Here's a profile we looked at in class today. We always look at extra-textual materials for each writing project and this is what someone brought in as an example. We didn't have nearly enough time to talk about everything I wanted to discuss, so I'll open this up for discussion here. (We were working on "reading with our pens," so feel free to ignore the underlining and marginalia as they are class-generated.)

You can click on the image to make it larger or just click here. We didn't have the picture with the article in class, so you can see that in this link also.

I just found the article reductive and offensive. I do have (and embrace) "that weird way of trying to be feminist." I hate how the remainder of that quote makes it seem that all I "really want is a man to pen the door for [me]." (She doesn't say "all," but that is how I'm reading it right now. Something like, "Okay, take away my reproductive long as you'll open the door when you take me to that museum or for that coffee.") Ugh.

Ultimately, what truth am I being asked to handle here?


Edit: In case you didn't figure this out already, this article is from Men's Health. Sorry about that.