Friday, October 31, 2008

i just can't help myself

This is the reason I can still name all of the states in alphabetical order. My own song gets less songy from Oklahoma to Wisconsin, but I still know them.

(The ends cuts off, but you still get all of that fifty states in ABC order goodness.)


The Furie Queene said...

That's how I know all the states in alphabetical order, too! After Connecticut, they slap their legs, but I say "cha cha cha!" They also sing the "New" states a little differently from how I know it, but other than that, it's spot on. Hooray for nostalgia. :)

kate said...

Me too! And I say/sing the "New" states and my song has no tune from Oklahoma onwards, but I totally sing this. It has gotten me through Jeopardy questions more than once, too. :)

JoyScraps said...

Oh it has been so long since i heard that song! Both DH and I learned it in elementary school so long ago. BK(before kids) we were big jeopardy watchers and used it more than once to get an answer, too. :) It's nice to know some things about elementary school don't ch