Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's not even halloween yet, people

Okay, so I know that Halloween is only about three-and-a-half hours away, but it's not yet here. Therefore, I maintain that the freaking mall should NOT yet have the Creepy Claus station set up. Now I have to avoid the mall for two full months people? We often walk the mall when the weather is too crappy for much outdoor time. The Santa Claus kind of freaks me out and I certainly am not getting pictures of Pic with him. I do not want to pay $13 for a grainy picture that I'll never display anywhere.

Speaking of pictures (and the mall), we went to get Pic's All Hallow's Eve pictures today. We get professional pictures taken twice a year, once for her birthday and once for Halloween. This year, she's a monkey princess (if a flower girl dress is going to be that expensive, she's sure going to wear it more than once). Actually, the idea was hers. Since she made that choice, she has, several times, changed her mind about her costume, though. At one point, she wanted to be Aurora (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty). At another point, she wanted to be an elephant. However, we made her stick with monkey princess (because we're ogres, I know).

We are planning to go with a different photographer the next time we have pictures taken. I'll tell you more and let you know how it goes in February*, I suppose.

Anyhow, let's recap: yea for pictures! boo for Santa Claus!


* How do y'all pronounce "February"? Do you pronounce that first "r" or no? Coach J and I have been discussing this lately (because, y'know, we only discuss the really important issues) and I'm just curious. (Now you'll be nice and self-conscious whenever you say "February." You're welcome.)


kate said...

Nope, no first r here.
Feb-you-airy. How do you pronounce it?

BTW, I love when my word verification is an actual word or word-ish. This time it's "horsin." Yaaay! :)

v said...

Fe-brew-airy. I'm weird. I've been self-conscious about this pronunciation for many, many years now.

The Furie Queene said...

I pronounce i little closer to the way you do, V. But I kind of slur it all together, so it's more like Feb-rare-y. And because I'd read your and Kate's answers before saying it, I had to say the months, because when I just said "February" on it's own, I was "cheating" and enunciated all the syllables.

Coach J said...

I think I actually say Feb-ewe-ary most often, but will occasionaly switch over to Feb-rew-ary, depending on the crowd I'm with. Weird word, stupid English.