Monday, October 6, 2008

tales from a domestic goddess

Hey, so we’re finally not living in the complete disgustingness we were living in just yesterday even. In a fit of domesticity, after Pic and I returned della biblioteca, I donned my Super Mamma cape and made dinner. Okay, so all I made were burritos con frijoles refritos y queso con un lado de maíz [bean-and-cheese burritos with a side of corn], but I didn’t cop out and take us to zPizza, which was my original plan.

After dinner, Pic and I sprinkled the carpet with baking soda (yeah for cheap, ecological carpet powder stuff) and then I washed up the dishes. I vacuumed while Pic clamped her hands over her ears and then I swept and mopped the nastiest of nasty kitchen floors. No huge feat, just habits of nice, clean people, but geez-o have I been lazy lately.

So, we’ll have a decently clean place for about another few hours and then it’ll be back to “Where are all the responsible and clean people?” Ah, well.


Coach J said...

Hey! Your scheduled post worked! I think this was a domestic kind of weekend, as I too decided it was time to battle the clutter. We'll see how long it lasts...

Crystal said...

Seriously, cleaning tasks are way more impressive than people give them credit for. I say that because actually, I never do them. That's Mario's job. Most cleaning grosses me out for some reason--or maybe that's just what I say so I can be lazy. And between two dogs, two busy people, and Queen Barfy, it's usually not a pretty sight!