Friday, October 24, 2008

the out-of-towners

We're planning yet another short trip.

We've recently gone to Apple Hill and, before that, to Scheel's. Okay, so Scheel's might not count as a destination to some, but that place is suffocatingly big (and, yes, that makes sense). There's a freakin' ferris wheel in there, for the love of Mike.

Today, we're planning on picking up the wee one a bit early and heading down to Carson. We'll go to the children's museum, we hope (last time we got there too close to closing time). Then, we'll do our annual stroll, checking out the Halloween festivities. I love to see all of the Halloween decorations and Cardo and Pic indulge me.

I'll write more about all of these trips later. (I'm sure droves of you -- if you can count four people as a drove -- will be waiting, anxiously, at the edges of your seats until I post again.) So, until then...


Coach J said...

Yeah, once you hit mile 13, you turn around and go back through the park for a while. I guess it makes for good inspiration to see your competition, but I hate out-and-backs.