Sunday, October 5, 2008

lifestyles of the...

...down-to-earth (thought I was going to type something else, didn't you?).

Last night, Cardo, Pic and I were invited to a dinner to follow a project meeting. Both Cardo and I were nervous about this because we didn't know how comfortable we'd feel last evening and neither of us are particularly adept in social situations. However, we had no reason to worry. While we were both quiet, as usual, it wasn't because the company made us uncomfortable, but because we tend to be this way.

Knowing of these people from the outside would intimidate anyone. Spending time with these people, however, quells all fears that we just aren't up-to-snuff (or something). Yesterday afternoon was the first time I'd met Dr Jones's* wife. I had thought that she would be incredibly intimidating, but I was so wrong. Our hosts and their sons were warm and inviting and fun to be around. The boys played with Pic, showing her their pet and sharing their toys. Pic was so glad to be included. These kids are super-intelligent and super-well-behaved.

Pic was intent on eating and asked our host at least twice, "Excuse me, is it dinner?" We sat down to smoked ribs (we had a Texan in our midst, so we had to have smoked meat), whipped sweet potatoes and grilled corn with chili-butter. Pic weilded her rib like one of those giant turkey legs they sell at Farmer's Market. She also devoured her corn. For dessert, we had pineapple-upside down cake made by Dr Jones's wife (she's a doctor in her own right, but I don't know if they have the same last name...let's see...we'll call her Dr BC for lack of anything better right now -- she has a PhD in Bio-Chem). Pic grabbed a handful of the whipped cream from the top of Cardo's cake and then took off to play with the boys again. Cardo and I ate our cake quietly while one guest raved about it after polishing off his piece. In the car, though, we both raved about the cake also. Dr BC had made it while we were there, so I know it's super-easy to make. Maybe I'll solicit the recipe and make it sometime.

Pic was most disappointed when we had to leave. Dr Jones asked her, "Do you want to stay here and live with us" as we were leaving and she took him seriously ["took him seriously" -- that phrase must be weird for non-native speakers]. She started to go back in and I had to snatch her up and carry her out. She cried for a good ten minutes.

All in all, yesterday was a success. I had expected something anxiety-inducing (not because I dislike any of the people present, but because social events cause this anxiety in me) but I was pleasantly surprised. (Some little bit of anxiety does come up when I think about the future and me being on the hosting end of these kinds of get-togethers, but I have quite a bit of time before I become Dr v.)

* "Dr Jones" is not this person's name, just an apropos alias, I think.