Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a good eduation

[Ha! Little joke there for those who graduated from the College of Eduation here a few years ago.]

Anyhow, the following is something I scribbled in May. Here it finally is.


things i learned (or re-learned) in seattle:
if i had the looks, i could be a plus-size model
i still don’t like salmon
there are a huge number of seriously smart people in this world
i don’t handle elevators well
i need sleep


e un otro post (from who knows when...before the May one)


Recently, Cardo, Pic and I went to dinner with friends. We were drawing on the butcher paper covering the tablecloths and Pic drew a “people.” It turns out this people was grumpy. When asked why the people was grumpy, Pic responded, “Because he haf a baby.” (She kind of says “haf,” so, yes, I meant to type that.) Oh, great, our secret’s out. Cardo and I are often grumpy. Actually, we’re often frustrated, and “frustrated” is fully-ingrained in Pic’s vocabulary.