Friday, October 24, 2008

the last one, for now, maybe

We bought humongous pomegranates at Costco. Cardo picked all of the fruit out of one last night and this blurry picture shows just how full it was. I tried to eat all of it during War, Inc., but I just couldn't. Cardo was still eating this tonight.

Just to prove that we are masters of the kitchen, we roasted our first whole chicken last night (no trussing was involved). I'm not a fan of dark meat (it's slimy), so I only ever make chicken breast and Cardo just deals. For this, we put garlic and lime slices under the skin. We also mixed up some paprika (which is apparently a controversial ingredient for roasted chicken), salt and pepper and rubbed that under the skin. The rest of the lime and garlic, we put into the cavity. The chicken totally creeped me out, because the lime wedges under the skin looked like eyes, making the whole thing look like a creepy face (aren't you just craving some roasted chicken right now?). Oh, we also rubbed the outside of the chicken with olive oil.

Here's what my complete dinner looked like. Chicken breast (I don't eat the skin and I only made it through a bit of the meat...the leftovers were used tonight), asparagus (again!) and a wheat HOB roll that I forgot we had hiding in the freezer.

Tonight, Cardo made sopes. We bought the shells at WinCo. He added refried beans, the leftover chicken breast, the greens leftover from our BLTAs, sour cream (he said it tasted weird, turns out I bought fat-free without realizing it...I'm subconsciously health conscious) and parmesan cheese (it's the only grating-cheese we have in the fridge).

Holy-freaking-cow, man. I finally posted all of my back-logged food pictures. Now I'm hungry.

Recently watched: Disfigured, Iron Man and War, Inc.

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