Thursday, October 30, 2008

this is ground control to major tom

Okay, two countdowns right now.

Five days until Election Day! I'm anxious and nervous about this. I cast my vote yesterday. I was going to vote the day before, but I was sick and lazy that morning. I'm only a bit sad that I didn't bring Pic with me to vote. She's come with me the last two times I've voted (okay, so once she was in utero and neither of us had much choice, but she was there). Next time, though.

Two days until National Blog Posting Month! I'm on the November blogroll. I was afraid Mrs Kennedy (and Co?) was going to be too innundated with us last minute additions to get mine up in time, but she rocks. So, steel yourselves to read even more pointless ramblings from me (or avoid it, I suppose, but that's not much fun for me). I know that Ms B, whose most awesome derby name is The Furie Queene, is participating...who else will be joining in next month?


kate said...

great. now that song is stuck in my head and i only know a few words. arg!

Coach J said...

All your posts about it have talked me into it. I'm all signed up!