Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yet another sprint

Okay, I need to take a freakin' shower, so I'll be somewhat quick here.

I'm still sick. I still despise being sick. I came home last night, stripped off my socks, shoes, jacket and pants, went upstairs, read for a minute and proceeded to sleep for almost thirteen hours. And, I'm still sick! (That's a pissy exclamation point, not a happy one.)

At 10:50 yesterday morning, I rushed out of my building and down to my car. I managed to successfully navigate myself to the cardiologists' office (I think three or four of them work there). Again, I was the youngest person around by about four decades. (One of these things is not like the others, one of things just doesn't belong....) Cardo was already in the exam room when I got there, but the nurse had yet to come in and check him over.

She came in shortly after I got there and informed us that Cardo still won't be able to pick up Pic for another four weeks or so. Also, Cardo could possibly be on his meds for another year or two (or maybe for the rest of his life). The meds, by the way, are the major factor in his exhaustion. They are blood pressure meds, but he's taking them for other reasons (his blood pressure is already on the low end of healthy, so anything lowering his blood pressure, of course, makes him tired).

Cardo's back at work today, for the first time since Wednesday the 8th. I hope he takes heed of the Nurse B's warning and sits when he's tired and leaves if he has chest pain.

On to other fun stuff. I'm still sick. Oh? I already informed you of that? Sorry.

Cardo's car wouldn't start this morning. It has only worked half of the time for the last two weeks. I keep telling him that we should just leave it in the garage and use mine and the bus (and our legs...except he's still relegated to shortish, easy walks), but he insists on using it. Every couple of days, he or someone else will "fix" it and he'll be sure that the problem is solved. Um, no.

The one thing I asked for this year is that we pay off my credit card (Cardo recently opened one of his own, although I have NO idea why). After that, I think he should actually fix his car and then sell it (he has said, repeatedly, to me that he just wants to sell it, although he is in love with it) and buy another car (something used, probably). I'm tired of dealing with the car problems and he doesn't need the stress.

Anyhow, this sprint has turned into something more short distance but not so much sprinty. Ah, well.