Monday, June 29, 2009

the anxious greys

Okay, so yes, ther're the blues and the mean reds, but right now, I'm feeling tense and anxious, uncertain and frustrated. It's a bit overwhelming. It's like the mean reds, only worse.

This is leading to me having absolutely nothing to write about and you're welcome. (Really, I apologize, but I've only two more days, including today, and then I can take a break.)

So, for a short list of stuff and then off to figuring out how to just relax already. I'm thinking chocolate or yoga...actually, I'm thinking both.

-- I'm an auntie again. Peecho gave birth to her second daughter (third child) just outside of the hospital at about three this morning. Don't worry, Baby NM wasn't born on the sidewalk, rather she was born in the ambulance. I'm pretty sure everything went well and that all is well now. I haven't yet talked to Peecho -- I called and left a message -- but I'll talk to someone within the next couple of days, I hope.

-- The pool right outside the window I'm currently sitting next to is finally being filled. They started filling it yesterday at around six in the evening, I think. I can't wait for it to open. We've been to the other pool a few times already. Pic is incredibly excited about her floaties and will actually let go of the side of the pool now.

-- Cardo has this crazy plan to go to Tahoe for Independence Day. I think about a bazillion other people probably also have this plan and we'll have to get there (to what part of Tahoe, I have no idea) incredibly early in the day.

-- My apartment is hot. Just thought you shoud know.

-- I bought a pre-made angelfood cake today. I hope it's not disgusting. If it's anywhere close to decent, I'll try making my own.

Okay, wow! That was just about beyond exciting! NOT! (Okay, I'm channeling Wayne and Garth and my carefree adolescent days. I'll stop now.) I'm going to go finish watching Three Men and a Baby now because I'm all about fine film. Oh yeah...and chocolate...and yoga (and yes, I know that I'm probably canceling out any physical benefits of the yoga with the chocolate, but I really can't care about that just now).


Coach J said...

If you nix Tahoe, come hang with us!