Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tired of being tired

I haven’t slept for the last three weeks. I was pretty sure that when the semester ended, I would be able to get some semblance of normal sleep, but that hasn’t been true.

The first week, Pic and I were both sick and barely got any sleep. By the next week, I was already used to not sleeping. This past week, Pic has not been sleeping through the night. It’s been like having an infant all over again. I think she’s been having nightmares. Either that or she’s waking herself up with all of the moving around she does at night. She sleeps on the floor…all over the floor, because she falls out of the bed.

Anyhow, my new bedtime has become sometime around four a.m. I can’t do this much longer. I’ve become a useless lump of absolute exhaustion. I really need some sleep and soon, so here’s hoping Pic will actually sleep through tonight (that is, after she goes to sleep in the first place).


So, while I don't sleep, here's what Cardo and I are watching. (I couldn't embed the video.)


Coach J said...

You need to get some exercise, lady! Maybe that will help you sleep. I ride my bike to school now, so if you want to tag along just to get you out and moving, let me know. I still have your bike trailer, BTW.

The Furie Queene said...

Would you consider sleeping pills? Personally, I don't take pills unless absolutely necessary, but sleep is necessary and it seems you haven't had any for at least a year or two...