Tuesday, June 30, 2009

window shopping

I finally bought some organic Earl Grey tea leaves on clearance at Target a few weeks ago. I have yet to brew my tea, though, as I have no strainer-thingie and no nylons to attempt to use instead. So, I was just looking over at Nubius Organics and I found some reusable hemp tea bags. I might buy one of those. I also found this tea mug with a strainer built in so I could brew the tea right in the travel mug. Let's see how long it takes me to give in to this temptation. I only wish it came in green.

By the way, I love Nubius Organics.

Light of Day Organics, which was recommended to me by Kate quite a while back has some wonderfully tasty-sounding tea, but I kind of wanted to try some out before I bought some online. If I like the loose-leaf enough, I'm looking at the cacao mint and the orange assam to start. Mmm.