Sunday, June 28, 2009's what i do

Sometimes all too often, but don't let's talk about that now. Really, I just wanted to share a few more recent meals a la peanut butter sandwiches. Oh wait, I meant to say a la Cooking Light.

First, at some point in May, we made this broccoli, cherry tomato and pasta salad recipe. It was actually pretty simple, especially because I didn't make the dressing. I'm not a fan of buttermilk dressings, although I used to be (strawberries and ranch dressing anyone?). Instead, I used Cardini's Light Greek Vinaigrette. The yield is four servings, but, really, it was more like twenty-five or so. (Hello Hyperbole!) It was a lot.

Next, the night before Poke went into labor, I was talking to her on the phone -- with Pic singing 'This is boring. This is boring,' in the background -- while making cheddar-asparagus potpie. It seriously took me about two hours to make (not counting the baking time). My mind was just elsewhere, but I'm sure if I made it again, it'd go a lot more quickly. The top was a bit weird, as I wasn't sure how it should overlap (yes, forest for the trees and all), but it turned out okay. Actually, I was going to make this the night before, but it turns out you have to let frozen phyllo dough thaw for a ridiculously long time. Now I know.

I'd eat both of these again. They were good. The only problem is that I have hundreds of recipes yet to try, so we might be celebrating our silver anniversary before I get back around to them.

Oh, and I almost forgot that at the very end of last semester, Pic and I made some poptarts (assembled and baked is a much more accurate description, really). We used premade pie crust and Trader Joe's lemon curd and Smuckers Strawberry Spread (not jam, preserves,'s 'spread') for the filling. We, obviously, tinted the icing. These were good. I'm somewhat averse to poptarts (after the Amway blueberry poptart fiasco), but I'd definitely make our own again. Perhaps when Pic starts having sleepovers.

I got the idea from here at No Fear Entertaining and you can link to several other places from there.

One more note on these. I'm sure that the actual term 'poptart' is trademarked or otherwise owned by whoever makes them, but I really don't know what else to call them. Mini Breakfast Pies That Are More Dessert Than Anything Else? That's kind of a long name, though.


Coach J said...

When I first saw that recipe for Pop Tarts, I thought, "Bah, why would I make them if I can BUY them?" But yours looks yummy and I'm slightly jealous now...