Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just checked and there are TWO HUNDRED blogs in my 'blogs' bookmark folder.

No, I don't read all of those. I just have a compulsive problem, adding more and more to the list, anytime something looks somewhat promising. My tastes keep taking off in different directions and suddenly I'll have a ton of parenting blogs, food blogs, crafting blogs. I really try not to add anything new and occasionally I'll pare a few off.

It helps that not all of these blogs are still being kept up. Some are completed, but I keep them in my folder in case I ever want to go back and read them again. (Yes, I actually have done this. I think I might have read through Bringing Up Ben and Birdy three times. Auntie L isn't a fan of rereading books, but I am. I love the familiarity. This is how I feel with blogs. And movies, but that's a whole different post (maybe).)

There are about thirty-three that I regularly read. I suppose I'm just lucky that most people don't post more often than they do. I know that I'm always whining (if not always here, at least to myself) that everyone should write more, especially people I know personally. However, perhaps I should be grateful that people don't.

I sometimes wonder when or if I will tire of blogs, if I'll stop writing here, move even further into this disappearing act I'm so lately trying to perfect. I'm hoping that time doesn't come, because blogs have been somehow so good to me and writing here seems to have been good for me.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share that moment of insanity and self-reflection.


Coach J said...

I am currenly trying to keep up with the bazillion blogs on my feeder. Damn blogosphere...