Thursday, October 29, 2009

craft ideas needed

Pic's been very into several books lately, one being Don't Cry, Big Bird. Because we buy pretty much every book used, we occasionally come across rips, doodles and other injuries. Our copy of Don't Cry, Big Bird is missing a page (which didn't phase Pic and Baby K when I read it to them, but it did bother me).

This morning, though, Pic revealed that she had found another copy of the same book in her room (I promise, I'm working on the catalogue today...I just added thirty more books), this one completely intact. Of course, we immediately sat down and read it (solving the mystery of Betty Lou's kite ending up in a tree).

In cleaning up, I just found the copy missing a page and was about to put it in the giveaway bag, but...really? I loathe giving away something that is kind of ruined. So, although I'm still feeling trepidation about tearing out pages, I'm wondering if anyone has any craft-type projects we mght do with the remaining pages in the 'ruined' book?

At the very least, I was thinking we could frame some of the pictures for artwork for Pic's room. Any more adventurous ideas?


Oh, and before I sign off, I'll share my donation for the day: another book. We were given this book as a gift...six years ago. Yeah, I'm not so good with the memory books. Ah, well. Perhaps someone else will love it and actually use it.

(Ha! No more Photo Booth photos. Ha! That doesn't make my 'photography' any better.)