Sunday, October 4, 2009

sleep, glorious sleep

Yesterday was one of those totally blah days. I had no energy, very little appetite and no desire to be anywhere but bed. This could have something to do with inadvertently pulling an all-nighter the previous night. I just couldn't sleep. Then, Cardo got up at five and he and I spent three hours watching Gilmore Girls. (I only have up until the end of season four, so we're almost finished. Then, it's off to Netflix.) I took a nap for almost three hours, or about three hours, or something, on Friday, but, hey, that's not enough.

So, yesterday, I was asleep by about seven in the evening. I woke up a couple of times and Cardo came to the living room to get me when he went to be at almost one (that's really late for him). I just got up about twenty minutes ago. I'm hoping for a better, more productive day today. Although, yesterday, we did run several errands, including hitting the Grassroots Books parking lot sale, the rest of which has been postponed until next weekend due to the weather.

Speaking of the weather, though, I believe we're going to get all bundled up la questa mattina and go for a walk at the parks. We did this on Friday, also, although we didn't make it as long as usual. I hurt my foot a couple of weeks ago and, while it's almost back to normal, it isn't up to more than an hour of walking on it at one time (hello prepositional phrases!). It could also have something to do with our trying out some roller skating for the first time in so many years I cannot even recall. I believe it's been more than a decade. I didn't make it very far, but I'll keep trying. I have even more respect now for Furie Queene and her skating abilities!