Friday, October 2, 2009

gee, thanks...i suppose

I found this (TX Board of Ed Member: Minorities Must Be Thankful To Majorities) here.

I love that he points out that women didn't vote for our right to vote. Men gave that to us. Um, duh.


(I also love that the woman standing at the podium is just speechless. I like to think it's because she can't think of any publicly appropriate response to this man who seems to want the very ground he walks on to be worshipped.)


Coach J said...

And I love how hard he worked not to say the word "white" when he was stumbling for his point. What an ass.

lotsofglue said...

And people wonder why I really do not want my child going to school in this state.

This is the same school board that passed the "law" that if your child is running 99.0 or higher they are not to be allowed in school until they can go 24 hours without tylenol.
THEN send you a letter stating that said child must pay a 50.00 fine for missing school unexcused and got to saturday school to make the time up.