Saturday, October 24, 2009

feel the burn...

Okay, so 'feel the burn' doesn't exactly describe my exercise philosophy (explains so much), but I really cannot think of a better title. Geez.

Pic is doing pilates on my mat here. I swear, there are days she'll pull out my mat and once she even asked me to put on a pilates video for her. If I'm using my mat, she'll sometimes drag her sleeping bag out and use that instead. She'll stick with the pilates through a move, maybe two, then she'll get up and jump and wiggle around like crazy.

As for the covert cat? Yeah, that's about where he always likes to be, no matter how much I warn him that he'll get kicked in the head. I guess it's better than it used to be. When I started doing pilates (I started very briefly right before we conceived Pic and my body gifted me with almost four months of 'morning' sickness), the covert cat would attack me every time I laid (lay? quissa?) on the floor to exercise.

I don't know that I see my own slow-paced mat workouts in Pic's future, though. She's leaning much more toward futbol (takes after her Papi, there) and dance (takes after my daydreams, there).


Kat said...

I love this picture! My cats are always always in the most inconvient places. Right now I have one laying on my chest. It means I can only move my hands from the elbows down.

Your daughter just gets more beautiful in every picture.