Tuesday, October 20, 2009

crafting for all of those hallows

Pic wants to be a 'marmaid' (that's how she pronounces it) for Halloween this year. While I'm fully behind this decision, I'm not sure how to go about the costume. I got the idea from a Family Fun e-mail (most of which I don't even open, but I'm glad I opened this one). It's a crafty kind of costume, much more so than last year's. Also, the materials? Most of them, we don't normally have on hand (paper plates, fishing line, double-sided tape, cupcake liners), so we had to go buy all of them. However, last night, as we were making our purchases, I found some aqua-ish-colored sequined material that would make a perfect mermaid tail, and I wanted to buy it. But, alas and alack, I don't sew. I try, sometimes, I really do, but that won't exactly be helpful here. I'm still tempted to buy the material and still try to make the tail on my own.

I just don't like the idea that the crafted tail is so much, well, disposable garbage, basically (or so it seems when I think about it). And, yes, we have already bought the stuff, but I could use some of it for other things. We are planning on making Halloween decorations with the paper plates and maybe I'll actually make some cupcakes at some point. I just don't want to end up with a crappy Halloween costume that won't even last through pictures.

All in all, though, we already have the materials to make the costume, as shown here, so I'll just go ahead and do it and work on my sewing skills in the meantime. I really want Pic to have a stash of really fun dress up clothes (capes, anyone?), although she does love to dress up in her very own clothes thirty times a day, especially if those clothes are dirty (I actually said to her tonight, 'Okay, that's enough dirty clothing from the hamper for now, no more.'). Let's just hope the costume holds up under my four-year-old's vim and vigor.

And, while we're at it, I'm happy to say that I have managed to steer Pic away from all things trademarked so far, as far as costumes go (and, yes, I do know that the site for her costume is DISNEY Family Fun). Here's what the line-up has been so far: pumpkin, lion, witch (she wore the witch dress for a good two years, no matter the place or occasion), monkey princess. I doubt this trend will last much longer after she's in school full-time with the influence of so many little peers, but here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

Actually, since you make her costumes, she'll likely keep being excited about that. At least, I did. My parent's always made my costumes. One of my favorites was a robot. They covered cardboard boxes w/aluminum foil, attached them to each other, then went to Home Depot for a bit of plastic tubing (I think it's normally used for air vents or something...). It was awesome. I think I won an award at school for it.

As I got older, I kept this tradition. I was one of those freaks who still trick or treated in junior high and high school. I think it was in junior high, although it could have been high school, when I dressed as a bunch of grapes. My parents bought me purple long johns and large purple balloons. We blew up the balloons and pinned them to my long johns. Ta da -- a bunch of grapes. :)

Last year was the first year I bought a packaged costume, and I was really disappointed in myself. A few years before, though, I'd made an awesome Medusa costume. I put on a sheet for a toga, bought some rubber snakes, cut them up, bobbypinned them into my crazy hair (when I don't put product in my hair, it is super, super frizzy and stands up like I've put my finger in a live socket), and painted my body green. No, Medusa isn't supposed to be green, but I thought it added effect. I *loved* it.

I like the mermaid costume. It looks like a lot of fun. :)

Coach J said...

What are your plans for trick or treating? Interested in coming with us?

lotsofglue said...

I dressed up every year as a warrior princess from my mom's 1980's outfits. It was awesome.
Until I was 18. Then I switched over to gothic witch since I already had all the clothes:D

This year is my first adult halloween party and I have no idea what to be.

You could use ultra heat bond instead of stiching ( I don't think I spelled that right, I must be tired) I make large lined bags with ultra heat bond and they are strong enough to hold 2olbs of books.
The trick is to double the amount of bond, 2 or 3 layers instead on one and let it cool completly before messing with the fabric.

Is she going to have a pet fish to have with her?