Wednesday, October 28, 2009

donation and sales

Whoo-hoo. The title is fab, I know. Whatever.

So, I finally have a donation picture that doesn't completely suck. For the last year, Pic's pool toys have lived in her bathtub (she bathes in our bathtub). This bear floatie was a gift from Peecho when we went to visit two years ago. Pic has since outgrown it and I think it's time to give it up. (The baby will be kept, the floatie will be donated.)

Also, book sales. Yes, because, I know, we need more books. I borrowed the car on Monday and bought sixteen new books for Pic's library. Used books. Books that cost $.79 each. (I'll never be able to catalogue all of the books if I don't actually, finally put into effect my rule that I have to catalogue each book as it comes into the apartment.)

Oh, wait. I just totally sidetracked myself from the booksale announcements. This Sunday, Grassroots Books is having a $3.99/bag sale (standard plastic grocery bag sized bag, but you can bring a reusable bag of that size if you have one). Grassroots has moved over near Costco. It's at 660 E. Grove Street. The bag sale begins at 3p.

Also, the Friends of the Washoe County Library System is having their bag sale at 5202 Mill Street on November 8th. The sale begins at 9a and it's $6/bag (they provide the bags). The 7th, they are having the 1/2 price sale.

Finally, National Blog Posting Month (the official one with the prizes) is coming up next month. You can sign up now and the process is so much quicker than it has been (I'm not sure how Mrs Kennedy changed it, but it worked nicely). I know that I just went on about how I should be glad that people don't post more often (because then I'd be spending even more time reading blogs), but I'd really love to read more from everyone. Also, there're prizes (which you can contribute to through the end of November, I believe). I'm all signed up. I'm just waiting to see if someone creates a fun badge I'll want to post on my page. See you there? Ms B has already signed up...anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Seriously, my facebook e-mail doesn't work. It stinks. I've tried to send this SIX times now, but to no avail.

About Friday -- yes, we can meet on my side of town. I'll try to think of somewhere to go by then, but also, let me know if you have any preferences. Or, I can always cook for us. :)

And before I forget, the oatmeal ice cream is fabulous. I found it here:

I did make a few changes. Instead of whole milk--> skim; instead of cream-->half & half; no rum. Also, after whisking the egg mixture w/the oatmeal, I heated it up again, basically for raw egg safety issues.

(If this still doesn't send, I'm just going to post it on your blog...)

Btw, the word verification is spoidimp. Oh, how I wish this was actually a word!

Kat said...

I am not signing up for the blogging month thing. I start to resent the blog if I HAVE to do it.