Sunday, October 25, 2009

donation: day four


Yeah. Sometimes I buy random movies at the thrift shops. I figure, 'Hey, they're cheap. Cheaper than renting even. And, I'll probably at least be able to tolerate the movie and watch it occasionally.' And then there was this movie.

[I might hereafter include some spoilers, just to let you know in case you ever feel like watching this...without me.]

I loathed this movie pretty much throughout. I don't like to give negative reviews of anything, but I'd rather be honest here. There were plot elements that were so totally outrageous that I was actually shaking my head in disgust. People being taken hostage and tied up naked. It was just silly. And then? They requested to relive it. Oh, oh, and let's try not to let me get started on the whole winning of the money. What kind of insane, insane gaming machine (it's been a while since I've seen the film, so I can't remember exactly what the machine looked like) blasts money into the air? What kind of other casino patrons don't come running to snatch at it? (Well, so I wouldn't, and maybe I'm just being overly-cynical.) And the ending? Entirely too predictable.

Let's just say that if I never watch this movie again, it'll be too soon (or something like that). (Although, I might prefer it to Johnny Mnemonic...but I'm really not sure.)


P. S. I have no idea how to flip the image. Any suggestions? I can crop it and rotate it and play with the color saturation and sharpness, but I can't get the mirror image.


kate said...

"Johnny Mnemonic"'s only positive was that the tape was bright orange.

v said...

I agree. Of course, I referenced that solely for your benefit. :)