Sunday, October 11, 2009

notable days?

That question mark is there because I've been so tired that I've noted nothing here. Oops.

A year ago yesterday (the 10th, it was a Friday), this is what we were dealing with around La Casa B. Not fun times. Things have been pretty calm since Cardo's five-and-a-half day stint in the hospital. He's still on medication, and he might be on that for years or forever. He might be off of it soon, if he ever has another follow-up with his cardiologist (he was telling me yesterday, he needed to schedule a check-up).

A year ago, I was relying on friends to help out with Pic so that I could go watch my partner lay in a hospital bed, trying not to beg to go home. He was miserable and I'll be glad if he never has to go through that again. I am glad that he hasn't gone through it since and that he came home. I'm still glad that we have health insurance. We're still paying the bill, but instead of another ten years, we have about another year to go.

On to not-so-daunting now? Okay. Yesterday or the day before, I don't even know for sure, was my ten-year high school reunion. I didn't go. (I hope that if I had, I'd at least know when it had happened). I thought about it for so many years (hey, I tend to live in the past and the future, which I'm working on, along with so many other things) and thought that I wanted to go. In the past several months, though, I wasn't so enthusiastic about it. There are definitely people I would have liked to have seen in person, to have caught up with, but only a handful or two.

We'll see if we make it next time around.


Coach J said...

Has it already been a year? Crazy how time flies...

And after hearing about my ghetto-ass 10 year reunion, I'm soooo glad I didn't go.

I was going to call you later to see if you would watch Destructor tomorrow night (there's a lecture I'd like to attend). I'll call ya soon.