Monday, October 5, 2009

preternatural productivity

(But not reproductivity, mind you.)

Again, I am up at an hour I should not be awake. You might be thinking, 'Hello, seven? How is that an hour at which one should not be awake?' Okay, so I went to sleep pre-nine-o'clock last night. I'm dragging along here under the weather. So, once again, I fell asleep on the couch. Cardo, once again, came to retrieve me for bed. He got me up at about one (wow, that man is staying up pretty late, lately). I fell right back asleep. The next thing I know, Pic is there, asking to get in our bed because her bedroom is scary to her (this is a new one for us). I figure it's pretty close to the time Cardo has to get up for work, so I go back to sleep for what I believe will only be a few minutes. And, I was right. However, it was somewhere around two when Pic came in and somewhere around two-thirty when she decided to get up for the day. Yes, that's right.

I got her some fruit, which she insisted on eating in her room. I thought she'd go back to sleep and I went to check on her around 3:45. She was not asleep. She joined me in the living room to watch some Gilmore Girls. Then, she cleaned her room so that she would be able to watch something of her choosing.

So, what have I gotten done today? I have washed the dishes. I have given the covert cat fresh water and food and replenished the food in the bin. I have cleaned the cat pan and emptied all of the small waste baskets around the apartment. I took out the trash from the apartment, plus the bag we had sitting on the porch (classy, I know). I have read a couple of Newsweek articles. I have made toast for Pic and tea for myself. I have sorted out the recyclables and put the paper products in Cardo's car for him to take out (they no longer have a bin for that at our's been gone for years now, actually). I have planned out what Pic and I are going to do today (aside from taking a looong nap). I have made myself a cup of tea. (I have decided that this would have worked well as a bullet-point list.)

Now, if I can get around to showering, vacuuming and putting away that last load of laundry today, I'll feel that today has been something of a success.


Well, I'm off to wake up Cardo and see if he wants some coffee (and, if he does, I'm also off to ask him what the coffee/water ratio is again).