Tuesday, October 27, 2009

proof our our oddballness

-- Earlier tonight, Pic and I stood in Costco, transfixed by the coffee grinding area. We sang B-52s' songs and swept up the mess of coffee grounds with the attached brushes that look like giant makeup brushes.

-- I just translated my blog into Italian (well, only the first 500 words) and was pleased to see that 'stagno per anitre' wasn't changed at all (meaning, I either got that right, or the translation machine had no idea what I was going for).

-- I'm having a late-night roasted zucchini snack. (I'd really love to accompany that with some S'mores ice cream, but, alas, we have none.)

-- I turned on a movie the other day and Pic glanced at the screen and asked in ecstatic anticipation, 'Dolly?!' hoping that we were about to rewatch Hello, Dolly!


P. S. I don't find these things odd, but you should see the looks we get from Papi.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see your blog on the November NaBloPoMo blog list yet. You planning to do it?

Also, I don't really know what's the best way to contact you and since you usually do blog stuff every day or two, I figured here's a safe bet. You wanna do lunch Thurs. or Fri.?

Kat said...

I'd like to see the looks on the faces of the people buying their giant vats of olive oil as you play with the coffee.