Monday, October 26, 2009

donation: day five

Hey, how about some more crappy pictures of the crap in my life? Okay.

A box of random cards. I have come to realize that I'll never be a person who sends out cards for any holiday. I'm lucky to even get birthday cards sent out. So, I no longer need these cards from high school. (Yes, high school.)

You've got your Little Mermaid, your Scooby Doo, your Hercules and your Sailor Moon. Yeah, I wasn't so concerned with the whole trademarked deal back then.


P. S. I might just have to break down and start taking real pictures, because this is going to make me crazy. I can only imagine the fits these photos are giving you.


Coach J said...

Yeah, I have a box of "just in case" cards too. Like I ever send cards...