Monday, October 19, 2009

it's a musical life

Cardo's car speakers are not working all that well right now. We recently went out of town and while I wasn't driving, the lack of music/talk radio wasn't a problem: I simply read. I very often read aloud, sometimes for school, sometimes just for the family. On our way back, Cardo was the passenger. He doesn't much like reading aloud, so he only read for a bit before I stopped him and told him to enjoy the scenery, which was beautiful. After a while, though, I was bored with the silence, so I decided to sing.

I know very few complete songs by heart, so we had about five renditions of Janis Joplin's 'Mercedes Benz', getting progressively more passionate.

-- Janis Joplin, Mercedes Benz [I'm pretty sure that I have posted this video before. I don't love it, but trying to find something good for this song is beyond my attention span at the moment.]

When I was tired of singing that (hey, it's short and I like to sing it), I got about halfway through my next song before Cardo turned and asked me, 'Are you singing the himno?' Yes, I was singing the national anthem. I didn't do half bad either, although no one is going to be inviting me out to a ballgame to perform it. (And, I have to admit that it wasn't half bad for me, which means it was way below the level of anyone who can actually sing.)

-- The Star-Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix (High Quality) [Yeah, I so wasn't playing any instrument, I just thought I'd go with this since I've got Janis here too. Actually, I've never heard Jimi play this before, not that I know of. I have to say that considering it's a song/poem about war/the morning after, the cacophony here works rather well. Sorry if 'cacophony' offends, but it seems fitting to me.]

-- josh groban - the star-spangled banner [I had to add this one. When I saw him on Ally McBeal (which has finally been released on dvd, by the way), I was kind of in love. I didn't know that he was somewhat (really?) well-known already by then. It wasn't until much later that I started hearing about him.]

So, I need to learn a whole bunch more songs by heart, pretty much right now. Suggestions? Something easy, short, fun, peppy. My range is just about nil, but I still love to sing out loud (very loud if there's music playing to cover up my voice).


P.S. Cardo didn't provide any musical entertainment. It's his turn to sing next time!


Anonymous said...

How about Aladdin's A Whole New World? I am a horrible singer, but I do it anyway. And this song is so catchy. :)

Or! Just thought of this one. I sing this one a lot, too. The following song from Moulin Rouge:

kate said...

Pretty much any Disney tune is my go to. My mom, my sister, and I passed about 3 hours while we were broken down on the side of the road once singing and re-singing everything we could think of. Disney was about all my sister knew at that point (she was 3 or 4).
Oh, and thanks for the Josh video. His voice gives me goosebumps every time.

lotsofglue said...

I get attached to anime so here is a fun list. And you can mess them up horribly, plus learn bits of another language:)

(favorites above and below)

I play these while I clean the house, my hubby wanders in and finally has stopped giving me wierd looks:)

Our last remaining speaker works in the truck and he still will not listen to music. It drives me slightly nuts on a 3 hour trip.

v said...

Hey, thanks for all the suggestions. I can't believe that I didn't think of anything Disney. Duh. Although we haven't been watching anything Disney lately. (No offense Walt and Co, but thanks be.) Anyhow, I forgot that I, for whatever reason, know a few Aladdin songs by heart. And then there's The Little Mermaid. And Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, duh.

Also, I often get started on the Elephant Love Medley, but I always end up getting mixed up. Oh, and I sing the Elton John 'Your Song' until I hit a kind of repeat and then get all mixed up.

Mainly, we just make up our own songs. It really is like a musical around here, with the spontaneous singing and dancing. Then, Cardo just shakes his head and grins.