Saturday, October 17, 2009

social butterfly or wall flower...

...or a bit of both.

So, today, I socialized. This is not something I do. In fact, just a few days ago, I was invited to go hang out and declined. (Yes, I was out of town, but I was also feeling apprehensive. I wanted to go, but still with the apprehension. Next time, definitely.)

Today, though, was a day to get out, to be a part of conversations, to even have myself as the focus of a few moments of discussion. This is nerve-wracking to me, but I did it and I'm glad I did. (Yes, I realize that I sound like a recluse or someone bordering on agoraphobia, but, well....)

We started the day with family time. Guess how we spent that time. Go on, guess. Did you guess 'walking?' Ding, ding, ding! Yes, we're the Boring Boringtons and we like to take long ambles that occasionally also include roller skating (for a whole ten minutes today...maybe) and retracing several streets in search of lost items (today's was a sun hat).

After that, it was home to change out of sweaty clothes (it was actually quite warm out there) and then on to our social engagements. First, we went to hang out with J and her daughter D. Cardo has been acquainted with J for some time now and she has been asking to meet Pic and myself. Last week, Pic and I accompanied Cardo to J's and we're planning on that being a weekly get-together. Pic has, once again, so wonderfully fallen in love and this makes me happy.

From J's, Cardo, Pic and I headed over to a nearby restaurant to meet up with my godparents, their great-grandaughter and her friend/sister (I'm not sure how the two would define their friendship, so I'll leave it at that). I really can't remember the last time we saw my godparents, and it has to be sometime within the last ten months, but it always feels like forever. These people have been in my life my whole life. They are some of the most loving, warm, accepting, open people I've ever known and I feel so incredibly lucky to have them in my life. I love that they are a part of Cardo's and Pic's lives too. The possibility of being close to them is the only draw for one of the schools I'm thinking of applying to.

I'm not ending this day on a sad comedown that I often feel after spending time in social situations. Rather, I'm happy. It's good to be happy.


Anonymous said...

We should definitely start hanging out regularly, maybe starting a lunch thing or something. And although I do have a lot to do before comps, I've found that the more I have on schedule, the more I actually get done. When my calendar is just booked with reading time, I do much less reading than when I know I have other stuff to do. Procrastination...

Oh, and my hair is longer. :) Last time I got it cut, I told her that I just wanted all the dry ends cut off because I might try to grow it out a bit. I'm not sure I'll stick with this, because I only like it longer when it's straight.

What did you do in Monterey? I have a friend who just moved there. She's working at a university there, I think. She says it's a really small city.