Monday, November 3, 2008

ah, sandwiches

I sincerely hoped that I'd be in bed before I was able to post so freaking early today, but who am I kidding? That's one. Anyhow, I'm going to sit here and do productive (but not reproductive) work, munch on challah and post about food.

Stories of surviving those first few years of broke collegedom on ramen noodles abound. My experience of undernourishing, monotonous fare is similar, but the food in question is different. I survived on sandwiches for the first year of college. I would eat a crunchy peanut butter on wheat bread sandwich for breakfast and lunch and a turkey or a ham sandwich (with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce) on Dutch crunch bread for dinner. I mixed this up a bit with cafeteria buffet food, but I mainly remember eating the sandwiches. (Amazingly, I did not gain seven hundred pounds my first year of college…I’ve drawn my weight gain out into a much longer experience.)

When I was pregnant with Pic, I, again, mainly lived off of sandwiches. Every-minute-of-the-day sickness overtook me from about three weeks in until a bit after my first trimester was over. (I lost seventeen pounds before I went on to gain thirty-five. I kept freaking out that I was going to miscarry because I didn’t understand how anything (anyone?) could survive inside of me during that time). Also, I didn’t work at all during my pregnancy. I had just quit my stupid, stupid serving job and I was finishing up a semester. I applied for a few jobs, but I was actually relieved that I didn’t have to work while trying to live through throwing up six or seven times a day. After the morning sickness passed, I was already back in school for my final two semesters of undergrad study. Cardo and I were broke. Fortune was on our side in that Cardo works somewhere food is made and sold, so he always had something to eat. (Actually, I don’t remember what he ate while I was in that first hellish trimester. I suppose he ate something, though, because he’s still here.) I ate a lot of sandwiches. For whatever reason, this was the only food item I could hold down. Once I figured that out, I was unwilling to try too many other foods because finding out what everything tastes like coming back up is a horrible, grody experience.

You’d think that my early and late undergrad sandwich consumption would turn me off of sandwiches forever, but, well, no. I still love sandwiches. I could eat them every day, I think. I don’t like a lot on my sandwiches, especially saucy-stuff (mayonnaise in particular), but I do love me some sandwiches.

Just yesterday, after our usual Sunday library time, Pic and I walked over to Beach Hut Deli and ordered sandwiches for lunch. Pic got her usual turkey, provolone and sprouts and I got something new: turkey, bacon, cream cheese, avocado and sprouts (because I was going for something light and healthy). My sandwich was freaking good. I think I’ll go for something minus the cream cheese and bacon next time, but this was great for an indulgence. Both Pic and I had leftover sandwich for our lunches.

Another great recent sandwich: the Nancy Taylor from Dish CafĂ©. Cardo and I went to eat here (for the first time…I’ll have to one day update my 101/1001) the other day after his cardiologist appointment. My sandwich was ham, dijon, apple, spinach and cheddar on apple cinnamon bread. I skipped the mayo and only had half of a sandwich (and a cup of minestrone). Mmm, it was good. I’m looking forward to going back. Cardo actually liked the restaurant also, especially that it is a local joint, and he’s looking forward to going back soon. Actually, we’ve got to grocery shop sometime this week, so I’ll grab some ingredients and we can make some of these up this week for a quick dinner.


Edit: I just read that 11/3 is Sandwich Day. I must be weirdly connected to the bs holiday calendar without knowing it. Hmm.