Sunday, November 2, 2008

a movie for all seasons

Okay, so I'm not actually going to choose movies for all seasons. I'm just interested in what movies represent what seasons for people. Here are my Halloween and rest-of-the-year picks.

Hocus Pocus (I did not watch this this year because I couldn't find the freaking movie...anyone want to lend it to me, please?)
The Addams Family (I was so in love with Raul Julia in this movie...maybe I still am)
Ghostbusters (watched it this year) (When I was younger, I was so in love with Egon.)
Beetlejuice (watched it this year)
Casper (bought it at Goodwill, but didn't watch it)

I'm not really into horror flicks, in case you couldn't tell. When I was younger (elementary school days), I watched things like Dolls (just looking that up for the link made me recoil), Nightmare on Elm Street (one, two, Freddy's comin' for you) and some disgusting movie involving throat milk (you'd have to ask Peecho, because I can't remember what this movie is...I believe it was the fourth in whatever series). I have Dolls to thank for my fear of life-like dolls. I also used to watch Tales from the Crypt and Friday the 13th (the tv series). Some of those were disturbing and still freak me out.

Okay, enough of that. Now for the remaining two months of the year:
Mixed Nuts
Home for the Holidays

Nothing else really on my own list. Several years ago, I decided that I'd always watch It's a Wonderful Life just after Thanksgiving, but that hasn't happened. I do own It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street (the one with Natalie Wood and Maureen O'Hara, not the new one), but I don't watch them. Maybe when Pic gets older.

What about you guys? There might be more that I'd add or that I already watch, I just can't think of any.


P.S. Happy End of Daylight Savings Time for those of us participants. I have one more hour to read Cicero (in translation) and fold laundry! (Ah, the sarcastic exclamation point.)