Tuesday, November 4, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

As is our Tuesday tradition, Pic and I went to the library today. I've been so exhausted lately that I knew if we stayed home, we'd just sit around in our pjs and watch tv. (Now that we're back home, we hanging out in our pjs, listening to NPR.) So, although Cardo's car really was only "fixed" and we don't have a working car here, we decided not to skip the library. About halfway to our mini-mecca, we were treated to some snow. Snow.

This is all my students' faults. They kept asking me, "When is it going to snow?" as if I'm in charge of these things. I am certainly not shimmying around in my living room doing a snow dance.

We took shelter in the library for a little more than an hour, putting together the dinosaur puzzle and checking out Secondhand Prose. We checked out some dinosaur books, some kids' craft books (why? I have no idea, we're not crafty people) and, once again, How to Cook Everything. We caught the bus and took it to one of our not-favorite grocery stores to pick up some highly processed foodstuffs. We hung out for an hour and caught the next bus back home.

I talked to Nana and Papa (Pic's, not mine...we're not so into the whole seance thing) and they offered financial assistance. We'll see how much Cardo's disability check is next week. We might, though, have to borrow money from my parents (so lame, so lame). I hope we don't, but we're so incredibly lucky to have them offer.

Okay, I'm off to print out some USA-map coloring pages and find some red and blue crayons so Pic and I can do a little Election Day activity. Some of the states have already closed their polls. Here begins the long hours of hearing the projections and the results.

Happy Election Day! Let's hope it stays happy.


Coach J said...

We didn't see you at the library! I didn't know there was no story time, so we raced over just in time for nothing. We only stayed about 15 minutes because Destructor is obsessed with the water fountain and wound up dripping wet. Oh well. Happy election day!