Friday, November 14, 2008

blog sprint

One Minute Writer's prompt for today is...

Write about three realistic goals you'd like to achieve in your lifetime. [As opposed to all of those goals I'll achieve in others' lifetimes. I doubt that I'll enjoy posthumous fame.]

Okay, I can at least type those out in one minute (except my tendency to elaborate, often in parenthetical form, might cause me to only get through part of one before my little bell rings).

1. Actually get a job that I hope is at the end of this very long, very freaking expensive road.

2. Buy a house. Not just any house, but a perfect house (not just any kiss, the kiss of true love). Okay, so I'm, of course, setting myself up for failure here, but I've had so long to daydream that I have all of these specifications about what our house will be like. Here are just a few examples. The house needs a library, like a room we take you into and say, "This is our library." We won't own any fancy books that cost thousands-upon-thousands of dollars, but we will have thousands-upon-thousands of books (oh, that's right, we already do). I want a pantry. I want yards with trees, particularly fruit-bearing trees, please. I don't want a brand new, built-for-me house. I want someone else to have lived in the house before us. I could go, and have gone, on and on about this.

3. Learn to sew my own clothes. This is my project for this coming summer. I so want to be able to make my own slacks because I'm so tired of polyester pants, it's not even funny.

Okay, so those first two might not really count as realistic (because, no, I haven't been living in a bomb shelter in my backyard for several years...I don't even have a backyard, hence #2), but I like to pretend that they are.