Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm currently reading Sue Grafton's alphabet series. There's one part in this series that has stuck with me over the years: a wonderful jello dish one of the other characters serves Kinsey. I finally came across this meal last night, so here I share it with you.

This was the menu: iced tea with Sweet 'N Low already mixed in, a green Jell-O square with fruit cocktail and an internal ribbon of Miracle Whip, iceberg lettuce with bottled dressing the color of a sunset. For the main course, instant mashed potatoes with margarine and a stout slice of meatloaf, swimming in diluted cream of mushroom soup.

-- "N" is for Noose, chapter 18

So, just in case you weren't sure what to serve for dinner're welcome to this menu. Mmm mmm.