Monday, November 17, 2008

sex after giving birth?..., no thanks.

I just watched this and, oh girl, the memories. Not only did I not want to have sex for many, many months after Pic joined us out here, I didn't want to have sex while I was pregnant with her. I never understood those women who said that sex during pregnancy was the best sex they'd ever had. I felt like my body was saying, "Um, hello, we're closed during construction." (I guess I should be thanking the sex gods that sex during pregnancy wasn't the best sex ever for me, considering that time comprised only a short nine months and I don't plan on going through it again.)

Before I got pregnant, Cardo and I were pretty prolific, I think. Now, well.... Things are definitely different. I don't know how much of this is wrapped up in the being parents thing and how much is wrapped up in everything else. I'm constantly stressed out and when I'm like this, I'm something of a live wire...Cardo might not want to touch me for fear that he gets the crap shocked out of him. I'm constantly tired, and this turns out to be a libido-slayer. Also, the relationship just isn't exactly new anymore. We had a good couple of years and, well, then baby made three. Things were starting to pick back up, but then Cardo's heart decided that it was just so sad and now I'm a little afraid of Cardo exerting himself too much. (Cardo wasn't so much least, not about this topic.) I'm really hoping that as Pic grows older, things will really start picking up again.

Oh, yeah, maybe I should have warned you at the beginning about the TMIness of this, but, ha!, I didn't.


The Furie Queene said...

Holy cow. That video made me NOT want to have kids. I never thought about this before. I cannot imagine going months w/o sex. Granted, due to my situation, I'm forced to go a few weeks, every single month, but months??? Then I started thinking about the body, and how long it takes to heal, and frankly, when I get a bruise, it takes a long time to go away. Sooo... if my va-J-J healed on this same trajectory, well...

I hope my comment hasn't offended you. It's just my initial reaction to that video. I'm still kinda shocked. Why don't people (meaning me!) know about things like this? Shouldn't we all be very aware of what our decisions may result in? Granted, I understand that the joys of being a parent probably far outweigh any of this crap I'm talking about, but still. Holy cow.

Coach J said...

Oh gawd, that video was/is my sex life. Six weeks is NOT enough time to properly heal, thank you very much. Mike was very excited about the six week mark. Me, not so much. It hurt. Bad. Sometimes we still go for up to month without any action. It seems to be getting better lately, but who knows if it will last. It's hard to feel sexual at all when you have a little person attached to you all day long. Sometimes when Mike gets home I just don't want anyone to touch me for the rest of the day. Ugh...sorry about the rant, but I'm so with you on this one.