Saturday, November 8, 2008

we are family...

...Okay, so I don't have all (or any) of my sisters with me.

Anyhow, mis suegros son aqui. Well, not here, as in in my home, but here as in in this country. Right now they are staying with Tia M in California. I don't know if they will be "visiting"* any time soon, but I know that they won't be here before the end of my semester.

Tonight, Cardo and I were talking financial schtuff. Out of the ten kids, only two currently send Cardo's retired parents money (Cardo isn't currently one of them, but when we have more money, yes). Cardo was telling me that his brother who lives in his mom's house in El Ciudad de Mexico sends his parents some money. The brother occupying his parents' other house in the capital, doesn't currently send his parents any money. Cardo's parents live in Tijuana (which, until very recently, Pic pronounced "Weet-a-hah-na").

Thought I'd give you a minute there. Yes, Cardo's parents have three houses. Okay, so if they lived here, that'd probably mean that Cardo's parents were somewhat loaded. However, did I mention that they live in Mexico? Yeah. Cardo has explained to me that oh-so-many years ago, when his parents built the two of those houses they built, this was not an expensive endeavor. (Cardo says, "At least that's how it was then." I'm not claiming that they could do the same now). The third house, the first one Cardo's parents lived in together, belonged to Doña R's dad.

So, yes, three houses. Humble abodes, if you will. I've seen video of one of these homes (the TJ one, I believe), and it's very far from thinking about being grandiose. This is weird for me to wrap my mind around. I can't imagine us ever being able to buy (let alone build) a house, at this point.

And, yes, three houses, and they don't live in any of them. There is a long story behind this, but they've moved out for the time being. I'm not sure if they'll make it back down to Mexico. I'm also not sure if and when they'll be coming to stay with us, but I'm very glad that we will have another room so Cardo and I won't be living in the living room/office/cave of cluttered crap while they're here.


*Before Cardo and I were together, his parents visited for six months. Early on in our relationship, Cardo's parents came to visit us for four months. How do you guys define visiting? Because I'm thinking a couple of weeks max. Any amount of months is not "visiting," but "living with."


P.S. Without going into my word processor, typing my entry and copying it here, I can't figure out how to add the symbols Spanish sometimes requires. This is why I sometimes have diacritics and I sometimes don't. Sometimes, I'm just lazy.