Thursday, November 13, 2008

blog sprint

Here's the One Minute Writer prompt for today:

What modern technology would you have trouble living without?

Because printing isn't exactly modern, I'm okay on that part (although I know the technique has been modernized...let's just say I get to keep my books the way they are.) So, what couldn't I live without?

I'm tempted to say computers. That might be more accurate than I think because computers are embedded into so many things the mind boggles. And, without computers, I wouldn't be here. This writing (not today's, but some day's) is like therapy to me. So, yeah, maybe computers.

...Or whatever technology goes into making ice cream.

[My one minute was up while I was mistyping "accurate," so I'm done here.]

P.S. After all that, I was just quickly rereading my post and I realize the prompt was which technology I would have trouble living without, not which one could I just not at all live without. Ah, well. No changes, thanks.