Monday, November 3, 2008

please, hold your advice

There's something about being a parent (or a parent-to-be) that brings out the advice columnist in so many other people. No matter the advice, I tended to respond with a noncommittal, "Ah," or "Mm." Sometimes, I'd just tell the giver of unsolicited advice whatever response he or she seemed to be needing to hear.

Pic is three-and-a-half and doin' alright, I believe. We're raising her the way that seems right to us right now (ah, kairos).

So, why do I bring this up? I just read this old finslippy post. I love it! I feel empathy for new parents and soon to be parents (and for, well, me) because sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to make this so much harder than it actually is (and, believe you me, sometimes it's plenty hard enough).