Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hey there, lonely meal

I have other food pictures, but I have about zero idea where they are. Therefore, you are being regaled with Sunday night's dinner. I got turkey breast cutlets on some super-sale at the grocery store, so I cooked some up (because raw meat products...um, not so much). What else is on that plate? (I can't see the picture as I'm typing this.) Oh, baked chunks of sweet potato (they aren't fried and they don't resemble fries, really, so there you go). I roughly chopped up a sweet potato and tossed the chunks (oh, how wrong, I know) in olive oil, salt and pepper. I put them on a baking sheet and shoved it into the oven while I cooked the turkey on the rangetop (do people use that term?). I also made some garlic and very dijon green beans. (Pic helped me to squeeze the mustard into the skillet, so yes, very dijon.) Actually, the green beans turned out really good, but I'll definitely scrape some of the mustard out next time if we end up with so much.

Anyhow, this was my dinner on Sunday. Pic, on the other hand, had a scrambled egg with mozzarella, some fruit and some raw (undijoned) green beans. I didn't mean to make two different dinners (and she did graze from my plate a bit), but I was laying on the couch in a stupor, somewhat focused on Bye, Bye Birdie when Pic came down from resting and let me know she was hungry. I made her something to eat, but she was still working on it much later when I finished the rest.


Crystal said...

Mmmm...Send Pic over to my house to make me dijon green beans, please!